$15.00 per hour

We are here to serve our guests and each other. Everyone’s journey at our restaurant begins with hospitality. Work alongside other professionals in a fun, fast paced environment.

Progress in the restaurant is entirely driven by the individual.

Candidates seeking to eventually be selected for a training, marketing, or leadership role should be consistently demonstrating strong performance, a capacity grow and become better, remarkable attendance and punctuality record, an ability to follow instructions well, and a great attitude that focuses on the team and others first.



$16.50 per hour

Becoming a trainer requires starting with a strong knowledge base. However, trainers aren’t just knowledgeable in their specific area, but are also fast and accurate and are able to effectively lead or teach others.

Certified Trainer: From here, trainers can begin working towards becoming certified by corporate. Once certified, trainers will receive an additional $0.50/hr and be able to travel and train at grand openings around the country.


Shift Supervisor

$17.50 per hour

Shift Supervisors support the Team Leaders in running a shift on a daily basis. Becoming a shift supervisor requires the ability to demonstrate strong effectiveness in leading, coordinating, and developing others. For example, a supervisor is required to effectively engage and develop others that might be more experienced in a certain area than the supervisor their-self. However, they are still effective because of their training skill.

Becoming a supervisor requires first having worked in the restaurant for a minimum of 1-6 months.

Team Leader

$42k - $55k  per Year

Team Leaders focus on effectively leading a team of people on a given shift. Leaders start by learning how to effectively lead a team of people and optimize either front of house or back of house shift operations. Leaders then will be able to learn how to lead in a focused area such as training, facilities, IT, food safety, etc. For example, a training lead will focus on developing and leading a group trainers in 1-2 specific training rotations or programs. Operations leads will focus leading and developing supervisors and helping supervisors to become leaders.

From here, leaders can begin working towards manager.


$50k - $70k  per Year

Becoming a manager requires significant experience in effectively serving, leading, and managing others in a for-profit setting.

Managers lead and manage an entire segment of the restaurant. For example, Operations Managers are responsible for the entire back of house or front of house operation. Training Managers are responsible for leading and developing training trainers and certified trainers and developing and leading all training programs. HR/Talent manager are responsible for leading talent development and relevant HR administrative programs.

From here, managers can apply to the corporate Leadership Development Program (with bachelor's degree and Operator's recommendation) or pursue a Director position.



$70k - $90k  per Year

Requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent relevant experience. 

Directors function less like General Managers and more like senior VP’s or Chief Operations Officers of a small business. They drive the strategy, development, and implementation of Chick-fil-A culture and set the standard of excellence. Each Director role is critical in ensuring that Chick-fil-A Grand Central is successful in the following areas:

  • Vision

  • Operations, Quality, and Guest Experience

  • People

  • Sales and Brand Growth

  • Financial Return


Business Director

$100k+ Per Year

Business Director is primarily responsible for serving the guests and the team. In addition, this role is responsible for overseeing the business. This includes implementing and sustaining the vision, culture, and strategy. Business Director requires having served as a director at Chick-fil-A 42nd and Madison for a minimum of 1-2 years prior to assuming role.

From here, Business Directors can apply directly to Chick-fil-A franchise Ownership, Corporate Leadership Development Program, or other opportunities.


we are not the superstars.

we are here to make you the superstar.

At Chick-fil-A, the direction of your career is largely up to you. You will set your goals, follow your passions, work your hardest, and make impactful contributions. We will help you grow and achieve more than you initially thought possible in your career as long as you follow our lead.

We are here to take that trip together as we seek to develop leaders and entrepreneurs at every level.